Thursday, May 26, 2016

Brad Pitt kept vintage bikes provided by the Glasgow charity

Brad Pitt kept vintage bikes provided by the Glasgow charity. Those bikes were used in the movie
World War Z.

Neil McDonald, from Common Wheel, said: "The props buyer had sourced bikes from us before for World War Z, and told us that the bikes were kept by Brad Pitt".

brad pitt
"We were asked to provide North Korean bikes, for scenes shot in England that were set there but discovered that it was impossible".

"We discovered that English roadster bikes from the 1950s were a good match".

"We gave them five and one of them was a Raleigh roadster in mint green, which was in pretty good condition".

"If Brad took a bike I'd imagine it would be this one. It would be a pretty cool bike to have in Los Angeles".

"We are now getting a couple of bikes ready for the film that's being made about Churchill at the moment".

"We are supplying a Roadster from 1942 with Dunlop War Grade tyres and a 1940 Sun tourer."


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