Friday, August 20, 2010

Chelsea Handler talks about Angelina Jolie

On Tuesday night’s “Chelsea Lately”, Chelsea Handler took the latest issue of Us Weekly, which is August 30 issue and read the quotes.

She read, “Angelina… it talks about how she’s so fun with her kids – all 18 of them."

“Exhibit A, she recently punked Maddox on the set of ‘Salt. He’s fascinated by the military, so I put on a NATO uniform and said, ‘Someone tell Mad there’s an officer here who wants to say hi.’”

After finish reading it, this is what she has to say.

“What a fun mom! You are so fun kitty cat. You go girl!. You’re evil and everyone knows it. Thank you for being here. We’re going to be right back with Jennifer Aniston.”


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Anonymous said...

So unfair, not funny!