Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees

Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees. As a special envoy for the United Nations' refugee agency, she speaks, "I spent time this morning with a mother who was paralyzed after being shot by a sniper's rifle in a besieged area of Syria. She lies in one room, where she lives with her whole family, in a small, cold, makeshift settlement here in the Bekaa Valley".

"Never once during our discussion did she ask for anything, did she stop smiling, or talk of anything other than her desire for her children to have the chance to go to school and have a better life"

"When I saw her beautiful smile, and her dedicated husband and children looking after her, I was in awe of them. They are heroes to me. And I ask myself, 'What have we come to when such survivors are made to feel like beggars?' We can do the right thing by refugees and build a more secure international environment. We can build order out of chaos."


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