Saturday, October 30, 2010

Angelina Jolie gets angry when found out Brad called Courteney Cox

Angelina Jolie gets jealous and angry easily. She gets angry when she found out that he contacted his ex wife's best friend Courteney Cox after Courteney's separation with her husband.

Below are reported by The National Enquirer:

"Angelina Jolie flipped out after learning Brad Pitt had called Courteney Cox to offer condolences on her marriage bustup. Sources close to the couple say that super-jealous Angelina angrily accused Brad of contacting Courteney as a cover to rekindle his ties to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston!"

"Now a suspicious Angelina, 35, is demanding that Brad stop speaking to both Courteney and her estranged husband, David Arquette, both of whom he’s known for years."

“Angie flew into a rage when Brad admitted he called Courteney - and she accused him of using the Arquette split to reach out to Jen,” says an insider. “Angie said she wouldn’t be surprised if Jen was sitting right next to Courteney when he called!”

“When Brad heard that Courteney and David had split up, he thought is was natural to reach out,” the source said. “He called Courteney and told her, ‘I’ve been there. I know the pain you’re feeling.’ He said all the things you say to an old friend who’s going through a breakup. But his mistake was bringing it up to Angie.”

According to the source, Brad was “astonished” by Angelina’s angry reaction, and he patiently tried to reassure her that his phone call to Courteney had nothing to do with Jennifer.

“But Angelina can’t bear the thought of Brad having any communication at all with Jen - even if it was just to console her best friend over a marital split,” said the source. “Angelina is convinced that Courteney has been bad-mouthing her for years in an attempt to protect Jen’s reputation. It’s all very high school, but when it comes to her rivalry with Jennifer, there’s no getting through to Angie.”


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