Friday, September 24, 2010

Louise Roe would to do some makeover on Angelina Jolie

Louise Roe would like to makeover on Angelina Jolie. Louise Roe is the star of the CW's Plain Jane.

She said "She's so stunning, she's so beautiful. But I feel like she doesn't know where her style lies, because she goes from vamping it up in a leather dress on the red carpet, to kind of being very mummyish and wearing a mid-calf length cotton skirt and a cardigan when she's with her kids. It would be cool to get her somewhere in the middle."


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PaxEtLibris said...

Really? Louise Roe (whoever she is) has the nerve to critique ANGELINA? Of all the stars, A.J. seems the most consistent with her style choices – and looks to be COMFORTABLE when with her kids. And do you know what? All celebrity aside, I am so sick of purported “experts” belting out opinions about AnyMom’s shoes: Sister, until you've walked a mile in Momma’s moccasins, shut your pie hole! People like Louise Roe (and/or Stacy London for that matter -- sorry, Stac, but I am duty-bound to include you in this rant) who are childless (“child-free”) have clearly NEVER balanced a busy work-life with the beautiful responsibilities of children and/or a marriage, extended family, friends, etc. etc. Yes, I understand Louise and Stacy help many people - WHO WANT AND REQUEST HELP. Kudos to you ladies…be sure to keep up this crucial ‘philanthropy’ -- surely you’re improving the world one wardrobe at a time. World Peace through Ready-to-Wear! (Whatever!) But, until these self-proclaimed experts can tell me they’ve endured something akin to the unrelenting, 23 hour-a-day stress of caring for a colicky baby, the joy of the progress beyond infancy, and the astonishing focus motherhood brings (blocking out most other stimuli as unnecessary chatter), I have no interest in listening to any noise they offer regarding how mothers should dress. Without experiencing motherhood from infancy on up, one simply can not fully understand or appreciate the achievement of a shower-and-shave and a clean set of clothing (yes, pajamas actually DO count as clothing). So will all y’all Fashion Gestapo PLEASE keep still about the lives and choices of people who don't ask for or want to hear your opinion. And if you ever become a mom (one who does NOT employ an entire staff of hired help, that is), feel free to share with the world the amount of time you spend putting together the outfits you'll wear to the playground to enjoy a romp with your children. But, I won’t hold my breath waiting to hear that report…