Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have their own space two days apart every week

A source said: "When Brad and Ange were filming together last year they discovered big problems arose when they spent too much time together. It was a working honeymoon and the days were intense."

"Then, in December, Ange got chicken pox and checked into Raffles L'Ermitage in LA to recuperate."

"Her mother spent a lot of time there in the last years of her life and Angelina has stayed there regularly since."

"The time away from Brad really put their problems into perspective and since then she's maintained a suite there, which she visits for a couple of days a week for time out when they're in LA, sometimes with their six kids, sometimes without."

"Other times, she just makes sure she takes two days out to focus on herself."

"Their brief periods of separation help them appreciate each other more. Because they're creative people, they need their own space and this balance has helped transform their relationship."

"It's no secret that they have a fiery relationship at times. That's why it works. Now they think giving each other more space makes their time together more special."


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