Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Keira Knightley admires Angelina Jolie's humanitarian work

Keira Knightley admires Angelina Jolie's humanitarian work. Recently she went with Oxfam to visit a refugee camp in South Sudan to help the organisation raise awareness.

She told this to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Keira said: 'I admire Angelina Jolie hugely.' 'I don't think I could ever be anything like as impressive or authoritative as she is on the world stage. She's pretty much devoting her life to her causes, and that's a great thing, a great message. I'm always happy to help in any small way I can.'

'When those refugees asked me, 'Who are you?', I really, really wished I could have said, 'I'm a doctor', or something else useful. 'So instead I told them, 'I am somebody who is going to ask people to give lots of money to Oxfam, so they can help you.'


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