Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Angelina Jolie glad that she has left a dark life

Angelina Jolie had a dark life when she was younger and before she met Brad Pitt but she felt anguish when a video published showing her drug use in the past.

A source told British magazine Look, "Angie lived a wild life before she met Brad. She's OK with that and so is he. But that was so long ago, it feels like two or three lifetimes have passed since she was in that self-destructive phase."

"She's done so much in her life since then that's of so much more importance. Having her past come back to haunt her is a nightmare - it's like groundhog day because no matter how much time passes, she can't seem to shake it."

"Angie isn't ashamed of her past. She's been very candid about her drug use and I don't think she regrets going to such a dark place in her life because it has helped to shape her into who she is today. But Angie will hate that her kids are now at the age where they're online almost daily and, within a few clicks, they can see the video and their friends will be asking them about it."


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