Monday, March 31, 2014

Brad Pitt loves to wear khakis

Brad Pitt loves to wear khakis. He was spotted wearing khakis for the second time this week while he is in France.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Angelina Jolie's son Pax bought "Swearing Finger" Toy in Las Vegas

Angelina Jolie brought five of her six kids to Bonanza Gifts, on Tuesday, March 25.

Store manager Angie Hurt told Us Weekly, "The kids were having a good time. They were straight for the toy department and they grabbed their baskets and just started filling up!".

"Pax bought a Swearing Finger. It’s phonic operated, and it will flip off and it swears. It’s really foul! A lot of F-bombs. [Jolie] kind of raised an eyebrow [to Pax’s swearing finger], but she didn’t say anything to him. I think she just lets them get what they want."

"She’s just regular and normal. I had customers coming up saying ‘Oh my God I just walked into Angelina Jolie's family, and everybody was so nice!’"


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Angelina Jolie gave a speech at CinemaCon

Angelina Jolie gave a speech at CinemaCon during the presentation on "The State of the Industry: Past, Present and Future and Universal Studios." She was there to talk about her upcoming WWII film Unbroken.

She said, "I wanted to make this film because, in the end, its message is one that we all need now more than ever. It's the journey of man finding his way through the darkness and into the light."


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Angelina Jolie enjoys being with her kids

Eventhough Angelina Jolie has six kids and not easy to handle such a big family but she enjoys it.

She said, "You get used to having this huge commotion around you. I'd always been the kind of person who enjoyed being alone but once our family grew larger I discovered that I'm truly happy surrounded by the children."

"I let them come in when I'm taking a bath or lying down on the sofa or the bed. Sure, you might enjoy moments by yourself but then you feel so much joy when your children jump around and want you to play with them or to see what they've drawn or listen to something they want to tell you."

"It has been surprising to me how much I love all those moments."


Monday, March 24, 2014

Brad Pitt parties with rockers Kings of Leon

Brad Pitt parties with rockers Kings of Leon at their LA gig after-party and stayed at the bar until gone 3am. He arrived there with screenwriter Eric Roth.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney collaborates on a kids costume collection

 Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney collaborates on a kids costume collection. The collection will includes eight styles.

McCartney told WWD, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney growing up, as was my mother, and I grew up watching all the films like most kids did."

“When the opportunity presented itself and I was invited by Angelina Jolie to visit the film set, I jumped at the chance.”


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Angelina Jolie does not have patience for yoga

Angelina Jolie need to do some moves during the set of her movie Maleficent. She said, "you're almost like a puppet with all these people moving (beneath you). When you go to the left or the right all of you have to move together. It's a big dance with a lot of people." How did she manage to do it? With the help of yoga. Jolie said, "She made me do yoga. And I have no patience for yoga. It's not something I do easily, because I'm not a still person. But I was forced to do yoga because (to fly) you have to have your core strength to be able to hold yourself."


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brad Pitt follows his instincts

When Brad Pitt first started his career, he didn't follow his instincts. But now is just the opposite.

He revealed to Ok!magazine, "When I was starting out, I didn't really follow my instincts."

"I felt kind of lost. You get a lot of advice from people who are trying to advance your career and make money off you - and that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it isn't always going to lead you to make good films. But eventually I figured out that I was in the game to tell personal stories. I wanted to be able to add something to a film that was different to what anyone else could bring."

"I do still enjoy acting but I like spending more time at home with my family, and that's something you can't always do if you're spending three or four months away on a film set."

 "As a producer, I get to work out of my home, I get to make the kids their breakfast, drive them to school and then be there for dinner."


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brad Pitt loves teaching his kids

Brad Pitt loves teaching his kids. He said: "It's fun watching our kids getting older and learning more. That's one of the great privileges of being a father - you get to teach them things."

"All you have to do is just give them a little inspiration and encouragement and the next thing you know, they're reading everything they can about a subject. Then they try and show you how much they've learnt. It really is so beautiful."


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Juliette Lewis dated Brad Pitt before

Juliette Lewis spark attention when she was dating with Brad Pitt when she was 17 years old. Brad was older than her 10 years. They were together for three years and then breakup in 1993.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence's friend thinks Brad Pitt smells great

Jennifer Lawrence's best friend Laura Simpson went to backstage and met Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

She said, "Brad Pitt smells amazing, like nothing I've ever smelled. Eventually we ask what cologne he's wearing and he tells us, 'I don't wear cologne, it's just my musk I guess.' I have to choose not to believe him because it would just be unfair to mankind. Angelina is gorgeous and elegant and they are like The Sun and The Moon."


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Angelina Jolie will have another surgery again

Angelina Jolie will have another surgery again to reduce her risk of having cancer.

She said, “There’s still another surgery to have. I’ll get advice from all these wonderful people whom I’ve been talking to, to get through that next stage.”

“I was very, very moved by all the support and kindness from so many people."

 “The reason that I wrote it was to try to communicate and help and connect with other women and other families going through the same thing."

“I’m very happy I made the decision."

“I was fortunate to have great doctors and very, very fortunate to have a good recovery and a project like Unbroken [the film she is directing] to have something to be really focused on, to be getting healthy for and to be able to just get right back to work.”


Thursday, March 6, 2014

What was the reason Vivienne Jolie-Pitt was cast in 'Maleficent'?

Angelina Jolie revealed the reason that her daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt was cast in 'Maleficent'.

She explained, "We think it's fun for our kids to have cameos and join us on set, but not to be actors. That's not our goal for Brad and I at all. But the other 3- and 4-year-old [actors] wouldn't come near me. Big kids thought I was cool- but little kids didn't like me."
"So in order to have a child that wants to had to be a child that liked me and wasn't afraid of my horns and my eyes and my claws. So it had to be Viv."

"I had a friend come with their children and when I met the kids, the kids froze and screamed so much that I had to go wait in my trailer," Jolie told EW.
"When (son) Pax saw me for the first time he ran away and got upset - and I thought he was kidding, so I pretended to chase him until I actually found him crying."
"I had to take off pieces (of the makeup) in front of him to show him it was all fake and not freak him out so much."


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Angelina Jolie designed Brad Pitt's cufflinks

Brad Pitt wore cufflinks to Academy Awards that was designed by his fiancee Angelina Jolie. Jolie gave him as birthday present.

She collaborates with  Robert Procop to designed the cufflinks.

Procop said in a statement, “Brad’s specially designed cufflinks were a gift from Angelina one year for Christmas."


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brad Pitt never thought he will win an Oscar

Brad Pitt never think he will win Oscar. He said, "I don't know where I'm going to put it. I never thought I'd take one home, so I haven't thought that far in advance."


Monday, March 3, 2014

A clip of Angelina Jolie's honorary Oscar humanitarian speech was shown at Oscar

A clip of Angelina Jolie's honorary Oscar humanitarian speech was shown during 86th Academy Awards on Sunday night. Angelina Jolie got emotional a bit and Brad gave her a peck on her forehead.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt keeps mum about their wedding date at the Film Independent Spirit Awards

Angelina Jolie and Brad attended Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday in Los Angeles and they were asked when they are getting married.

A reporter asked Angelina, 'Can you tell me when you and Brad are getting married in Paris? Angelina replied, 'Sorry I can't."