Saturday, December 14, 2013

Angelina Jolie begun shooting Unbroken in Werris Creek

Angelina Jolie begun shooting Unbroken in Werris Creek. Publican Roslyn Marr, from Werris Creek's Railway Hotel, said locals are excited in being in the movie, and watching how it is made.

She said, 'They were out the front last night at 6:00pm still doing a re-run and trying to get some stunts done ready for when he's trying to escape from the police, so it was still very exciting last night."

"My son has got two parts in it, he will be at the Tamworth airport as a delivery boy, as far as I know, and then just a businessman in town."

"Yesterday, she was actually, you know, going through the barriers and having photos taken and speaking to the local people, she's taken the time out to do that."

"I think everyone understands that when she's working, she's working. But she's taking the time out, and, you know, enjoying the town and having a look around, which is great."


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