Monday, November 11, 2013

Brad Pitt’s new movie caused outrage among extras

Brad Pitt’s new movie was filmed on Remembrance Sunday and this cause anger among extras, who included former soldiers.

One of them said: “It’s not as if he didn’t know that for many of us ­Remembrance Sunday is the most important day of the year."

“Instead of toasting our ­forebears whose bravery gave us this life we were charging through the countryside dressed as marauding Nazis.

“He just charged on ruthlessly filming a movie about American heroism, not for the first time, and ignoring British ­sensitivities towards Remembrance."

“This was grotesquely disrespectful and offensive. I can’t believe I wore an SS uniform on Remembrance Sunday."

“But this is what I do and I cannot just walk off set for the sake of a principle, especially in this economic climate.”


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