Monday, August 5, 2013

New malware that has Angelina Jolie news that can crash your computer system

Angelina Jolie is so popular that somebody has created a new malware that tricks computer users to click to know about her news.

The subject line is “CNN: Forbes: Angelina Jolie tops list of highest-paid actresses” and the body of the email is a screen capture from the CNN Web page on the story." "Click any of the email’s links, and you’ll be prompted to download a file that looks like an Adobe Flash Player update (named “update_flash_player.exe”). But it’s really a piece of malicious software." "Once installed, the software will download another malicious program that ThreatTrack Security identifies as a variant of a Zbot/Zeus, a type of Trojan that steals banking information."


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Houston said...

This is fantastic!