Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chris O'Dowd talks about his meeting with Brad Pitt

When Chris O'Dowd was being told that people regard him as sex symbol after his appearance in Bridesmaids, he joked, "I think it's a fair representation of the kind of person I am.

"I've noticed that when you meet actual 'Sex Symbols' it doesn't really ring true.

"We were at the BAFTA's recently and Brad Pitt was there and I was with my wife [Dawn Porter].

"Brad Pitt came over and said 'hi' and we were chatting for a second and I introduced him to my wife and
they shook hands and we kept talking and then I looked down and realised she was still holding one of his

"Then on our way to our seats, she just went '74 seconds'. I said 'what?', she said 'That was how long I
touched him for!"

O'Dowd also talks about Boyle, GAA, stealing Bradley Cooper's fork and his new HBO comedy Family Tree.


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