Monday, May 13, 2013

Angelina Jolie's fiancee Brad has obsession with French jam

Brad Pitt is obsessed with French Jam that made by Christine Ferbe. He even went to visit her in person during a recent break in filming.

“Brad is very particular about what he eats but fell in lust with this jam."

“He turned detective and discovered Christine has a little shop in the Alsace region, where she makes the artisan jams. It is very well known among the jam-making fraternity."

“From here, he jumped on a plane with Maddox and checked the place out first-hand. They had a brilliant time, tasting loads of jams and Christine’s other homemade delicacies."

“They came away with dozens of pots. He and Angelina have now had to designate a special room just to store it in their Brignoles villa. And now Brad is even beginning to experiment with recipes of his own.”


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