Sunday, May 26, 2013

Angelina Jolie's aunt Debbie 's life support has turned off

Angelina Jolie's aunt Debbie's life support has turned off. She was suffering from breast cancer.

Debbie's husband Ronald, tells the Sunday People: "She had a seizure and we took her to hospital. They have turned off the life support and her family is all here holding her hand. This is the love of my life ... My wife is hanging in there.

"It's just a matter of hours. She's a fighter. I have reached out to Angelina to tell her what's going on ... [Debbie is] in a coma. It's breast cancer but I think it has spread everywhere."

A source for the paper said: "Angelina was very close to Deb and she did everything she could do to help her. Deb was very supportive of Angelina's decision to have preventative surgery.

"If she had known before what she found out too late, she would have had a double mastectomy as well as her ovaries removed."


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