Thursday, May 30, 2013

Angelina Jolie won't be attending her aunt's funeral because it clashes with Brad Pitt's new movie World War Z's premiere

Angelina Jolie will not be able to attend her aunt Debbie's funeral because it clashes with the premiere of Brad Pitt's new movie World War Z.

Debbie's husband Ron told E! News: 'We are making the final arrangements for the funeral as we speak. But we expect it to be this Sunday at noon at El Camino Memorial in Sorrento Valley near our home.'

"Angelina will be in London on Sunday so she won't be able to attend but she has been in touch with us and with various other members of the family, which has obviously been lovely and has meant a lot to us."

'Angelina has been in touch throughout the week and her brother Jamie has been with us, giving his support day by day,' Ron told E! News.
'They both loved Debbie very much and although Angie is not able to come right now she has sent her love and support which was very nice.'


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