Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jennifer Aniston and Vanessa Paradis Skipped Globes Coz AngelinaJolie

According to In Touch Weekly, Vanessa Paradis didn't accompany her beau Johnny Depp to Golden Globes because she does not want to see Angelina Jolie. She "can't stand Angelina. She can't stand the way Angelina always flirts with Johnny in front of her. She thinks it's a sign of disrespect"

Even Jennifer Aniston has the same thinking. She skip Globes because of Angelina Jolie too.

One of her pal said "She had originally planned to attend the Globes, and had been invited to be a presenter, but she backed out".

“It’s painful enough to see her ex with ‘the other woman’ but now Jen has no man in her life. Imagine how much worse it would have been in person. Jen feels shut out of Hollywood because her movies haven't been as successful as Angelina's. She knew the night would be all about them, and she just couldn't take it. She hates playing the second fiddle, and she knows she can't compete with the star power of Brad and Angelina".



Shubram said...

Give jolie a break.....U rock Jolie....

Anonymous said...

These are women are beautiful celebrities who also make a lot of money. They live comfortable and opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous. Yet they seem to want it all. It is not possible even for the most beautiful woman to have each and every man they seek out for love/romance - it is not realistic. This kind of sexual powerplay is sad. How about realizing just how fortunate they are. They are also fortunate because they cannot have everything they want! How unhappy and unsatisfactory would life be if we got everything we want! Much the same can be said about men who have similar expectations and bitterness.