Friday, November 26, 2010

Winona Ryder disappointed that she and Angelina Jolie are not friends

Winona Ryder disappointed that she and Angelina Jolie are not friends. Both of them acted in the same movie Girl, Interrupted. Angelina Jolie insisted her to keep a distance from her.

Winona said, “I remember thinking, ‘Oh we’re going to turn out to be great
friends.’ But I think she needed to be able to look at me just as the character Susanna, not as Winona, so in a very respectful way she just kind of kept her distance."

“I saw her at one of the awards shows but I haven’t really seen her since.”

“What she’s accomplished after the film in terms of humanitarian stuff, I’m
just really happy she did that."

“I remember in the press junket for Girl, Interrupted she would just be so open about her problems and then I would come in and everyone would think I was so boring. So it’s really great to see she’s found her calling in her personal life.”


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