Saturday, July 31, 2010

Will new release of Angelina Jolie's bad history will spoilt her relationship?

There have been some photos released that revealed her past, depecting her of
having black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck. And
other shocking pictures during a 14-hour heroin-smoking bender.

Will this affect her relationship with Brad? Biographer Andrew Morton, author of Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography said, "The photographs are a startling reminder to Angelina of a period in her life I’m sure she wants to forget, a shady piece of her history that she’s kept hidden away."

"Even from Brad."

Actually all these are Angelina Jolie's past. She is a new person now.
She has done a great thing to charity.Why people still want to dig her history?
Everyone has his or her past. Important is people are willing to change to
a better person.



Anonymous said...

I like this kid, despite her wild teen years, which probably she regrets. She is now, more brave, to face problem in life. She become advocate to others, protecting their rights. She even funding, human trafficing to catch predator. Lure'ing young innocent, helpless teen to prostitution.and many more, since she become active with the UN. Using her own money to help others. If this picture are real,not made of by computer. Angelina have the power to run after this people and nail them down. For it's a crime to take advantage, while they are intoxicated with drug or alcohol. Molesting a defense'less person. She was a victim, herself by this predators, or perhaps being blackmail. She had nothing to hide, people saw her nakedness in her film Gia, which some famous female star do the same in their movies. Artist have different concept, than regular people. When it comes to art. They have no malice, like Doctors, and professional workers in medical field. You never think lustful to your patient. Have a good heart, with intention to help, and not abuse them. This people who are exposing phonogrhapic pictures have personal motives to ruined one personality.They are criminals that must be sue and be in jail. Angelina (if she is the one) become the victim and who knows, there are more victimis, by this predators. We who are parent,brother and sister, must help and understand their situation and not disgrace them. I am 100%, behind AJ to run after this bad people, who used celebrities to intimidate them, and get rich. Angelina is more matured and fearless, she knows what she want in life, and her youger wild life is over. Brad, Fans, and her children loves her, no matter what. Everyone who live in the dark, have hope for the bright side. God always there,when we stumble, God get us up, and change us for the better. Angelina is one of the lucky one. God bless her a million fold, and she knows to repay by helping others.

aditi said...

exactly..the best thng abt her is she had a rough teenage and now inspite of that she is standing so strong..helping others.ppl can be so ridiculous..digging someones past..trying to break their relationship.its disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed, I love Catherine Zeta as an actress, she would have played Elizabeth a lot better than Angelina Jolie. The women is no actress, and she has only recently become famous! I never even heard of her before she got involved with Brad Pitt. I had heard of Jen way before I knew she was married to Brad Pitt. Angelina grabbed Brad Pitt for a ride to fame. She is a whore and her acting sucks. So much for a new Cleopatra or a movie of Elizabeth Taylor, I loved Elizabeth Taylor as an actress, but Angelina will destroy the portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor

lever said...

You didn't hear of Angelina Jolie before she got with Brad Pitt? So the fact that she was the star of Tomb Raider, which still stands as the most successful video game adaptation of all-time as well as the most successful action movie with a solo female lead, means nothing because YOU were the one person on the planet who didn't hear about it?

Idiot. Angelina Jolie was already the most famous woman in the world outside of Aishwarya Rai before she met Brad Pitt. She didn't "ride" anyone "to fame," she already had an Oscar and a couple hit movies. That's right, she won an Oscar, way back in 2000 before you had heard of her and before Pitt had even married Aniston. If all she wanted was to be famous she would have gone by her famous last name, but she chose instead to make it on her own accomplishments. It's easy to call people names anonymously on the Internet, but it's hard to not notice an Oscar-winning actress who was breaking box office records.

evelyn said...

angie may have a wild days during her younger days, but she became the best person in this world and she made a lot of changes that help others people lives, who cares how she lived before, it is an open book anyhow, we love her and i am happy that she changed for the please those who wants her destroyed, grow up will you!!!

trish said...

As i was checking out at the supermarket i happened to see this magazine (star)with Angelina & Brad on their cover, I had to buy it which is unusual for me. However i had to because of the caption: Angie & Brad: the photos that will tear them apart!. I hold Angelina in high regards, not because she's a superb actress or a good will ambassador (UNHCR)or whatever accomplishments she may have. I do because she has proven over and over again, that we can overcome whatever life throws at us. So what if she was wild or took crazy pictures... show me one person that doesn't have something in their past they are ashamed of? its easy to judge, or to blame what we are or did or do on someone else (our past). We all have a smudge or several, some shape us some destroy us and some help us move forward. I respect this woman because no matter what, she's still moving forward. I will say Mr Pitt is lucky to have a woman that doesn't let her past or the ugly comments affect they way she lives her life now, which is what matters, NOW.