Saturday, July 24, 2010

Angelina Jolie's trainer in Salt says she can be stubborn

Angelina Jolie does most of the stunts on her own in her new movie, Salt. And when she is injured, she still want to continue the shooting. This is where her stunt trainer perceives her as stubborn.

Her trainer, Simon Crane said, "We often used to joke about making her suffer, especially when wearing a harness. She wouldn't show me the bruises from that!"

"During her final fight Liev [Schrieber]...She had to dive through an opening door firing a she carried the sequence on, she rushed into a corner piece of a set and bumped her head," Crane recounts.

The fight sequence was delayed, and Jolie took "a precautionary trip to the hospital -- arguing against it all the way...she can be stubborn!"


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