Thursday, September 20, 2007

Angelina Jolie give advice to mum-to-be Nicole Richie

Angelina Jolie has experience as a mother and she is most suitable person to give parenting advice to mum-to-be Nicole Richie.

A source who is close to Angelina tells Now: 'With Nicole finally getting her life of drugs, booze and wild partying under control, Brad and Angelina have offered her a list of common-sense tips they felt would help.

'Angelina was especially concerned about the effects Nicole's years of partying could have on the baby.

'And knowing that Nicole has so much hanging over her, including a stressful court-ordered probation after her conviction for driving under the influence, Angelina felt she could use some help from another young mom.'

Nicole told a friend: 'Angelina is like a surrogate mother – albeit a beautiful one who's nearer my age. But she has so much experience as a mom. She's my guardian angel – and so is Brad.'


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